7 Easy Steps to Become a Paslo Seller

1. Register your Paslo account


Register as a Seller at Paslo is easy and quick. No worries. It’s FREE.

Click the below button to register now;

2. Background and company check


After your registration, we will perform checking on the company background to ensure you comply with our terms.

You will receive a confirmation email once your company has been approved by us.

3. Open your Shop


Once your shop has been approved, you may now set up your own shop. We advise you to include some information about yourself such as education, prizes and award, work collection, etc, so that buyers who are interested in purchasing your products will know you better.

Detail information about yourself will build confidence and attract buyer to purchase your products.

Decorate your shop as you like to attract buyer to purchase from your shop.

4. Upload photos of your product


Start uploading high resolution pictures of your products that you would like to sell on Paslo. We advise you to upload at least 3 images for each of your product.

On top of that, do provide details on your products, so that buyer have a clear picture of your product, thus, higher chances of selling your products.

5. Maintain payment information


Maintain your payment information such as bank account number, PayPal account, etc, for billing purposes.

Now you are ready to sell on Paslo and buyers can start to explore products you’re offering in your shop.

6. Receive Order from customer


Yeay! You have sold an item. You will receive an email confirmation on the Order which includes all the details about the product(s) purchased by the buyer.

Hurry! Don’t make your customer waiting. Pack up the item well and ship to the customer.

Don’t forget to add the tracking number in the Order details on the Paslo website, so that your customer can track the parcel.

7. Manage your Order


With our powerful tools, you can easily view all the orders purchased by your buyers as well as the payment status and outstanding balances for your shop.

On top of that, you can view and track your monthly and weekly sales easily.

Product Selling Options


Option 1

Own store on PASLO

Option 2

Product Reselling BUT
We DO NOT store your products

Option 3

Product Reselling AND
We DO store your products

  • You will have your own online store on PASLO and you will manage your store.
  • You will NOT have your own online store on PASLO as all your products will be listed under “PASLO Partners Store”.
  • You will NOT have your own online store on PASLO as all your products will be listed under “PASLO Partners Store”.
  • You are responsible to upload your product into your PASLO online store.
  • We will edit and upload your product under “PASLO Partners Store”.
  • We will edit and upload your product under “PASLO Partners Store”.
  • You store your products physically and you are responsible to update your product availability on PASLO.
  • You store your products physically and you need to update us if your product(s) is not available or out of stock as by default, all of your products listings under “PASLO Partners Store” will be set as “Ready Stock” or “Required n days” (as per instructed by Seller).
  • Your product will be stored at our physical store for 1 month and you will only get paid once your product is sold. Your product will be treated as a consignment. After 1 month, if your product is still not being sold, we will return back the product to the seller with no cost applied.
  • You will receive an email notification once order is confirmed by customer.
  • We will contact you once order is placed and confirmed by customer.
  • We will contact you once order is placed and confirmed by customer.
  • You are responsible to ship the product and maintain the tracking number on PASLO website.
  • You will be responsible to ship the product(s) and update us on the tracking number for us to maintain on PASLO website accordingly.
  • We will pack and ship the product to the customer. We will maintain the tracking number on the website.
  • 5% of total product price (excludes shipping fee)
  • 10% of total product price (excludes shipping fee)
  • 20% of total product price (excludes shipping fee)

What you can sell in Paslo


Handmade products listed must be made or produced by hand with minimal usage of tools and machinery.

The handmade products must be hand-assembled or hand-altered.


Products listed under this category must be a raw material for arts and craft products.


Vintage and antique products listed must be more than 25 years of age.

They are an old collectible items which has a high value because of its considerable age.

It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition and other unique features.


Homemade foods listed must be made or prepared at home, at the premises, locally or by the maker’s own efforts.

Why sell at Paslo?

1. Affordable Fees


  No registration fees   No monthly fees

Transaction Fee =  5% of Product’s Price

Payment Fees

FPX Online Payment Gateway PayPal, Mastercard, VISA
MYR 1.50 3.9% of total bill + MYR 2.00

2. Secure

Note that our website URL starts from “https://”?
We take security of our website seriously.
All your communications are securely encrypted, which means even if somebody managed to break into the connection, they  would not be able to decrypt any of the data passes between you and Paslo website

3. Powerful Tools


With our analytic tools you can sell your products effectively,   manage your order easily, track your order history, display performance trends and a lot more to improve your sales performance.

We accept various mode of payment.

5. Online Resources


We provide many great tutorials and suggestions to our sellers.

Our online resources will guide you to start selling and get familiar with Paslo.

6. Customer Support


If you require any assistance or have any inquiries, please fill in the form at our Contact Us page.

We will facilitate your request and inquiry as soonest possible.