Welcome to PASLO website (“website”). PASLO is an online marketplace which designed as a platform for people to buy and sell their unique and creative products. The products can be a homemade/handmade products, vintage products or supplies of the handmade products.

In PASLO, we encourage you to show your workmanship, give input, write reviews, take an interest in gatherings, group up with different individuals to team up on tasks, participate on the event and converse with each other.

It is necessary that all PASLO users to respect the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of others. You should just only upload products you have made yourself. Respect each other and respect the art you find here in PASLO and you will help make PASLO a moving and enjoyable community.


It is important for you to read the agreement below. By browsing this website, it means you accept our terms and agreement (“Terms”). The Terms are legally binding contract between the visitor (“user”, “member”, “seller”, “buyer”, “you”, “your”) of the website and PASLO Market Place (“PASLO”, “we”, “our”, “us”). If you do not agree with the Terms, then please do not access or otherwise use this website.

By accessing our website, you affirm that you are over eighteen (18) years of age. Otherwise, you may only access our website under the supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms by posting updates and/or changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the website will be taken as an acceptance of the new Terms.


PASLO is an online marketplace which designed as a platform for people to buy and sell their unique and creative products. Users can offer and purchase a homemade/handmade products, vintage products or supplies of the handmade products.

We will market your products on the website and we will receive orders from the customers/buyers for the purchase of the products over the website. We then will facilitate the payment between the customer/buyer and the Seller. PASLO will make a payment for the outstanding balances to the Seller on the monthly basis. Seller is allowed to withdraw their outstanding balances once a week with a fee of RM5.00.


We merely provides a sales platform and does not become a contracting party in the agreements concluded between the purchasing and the selling parties. This means that if a user purchases a product from another user via PASLO, the agreement is binding between the buyer and the seller of the products.

Maintenance work on PASLO website will be, as far as possible, performed with the minimum of inconvenience to users. Routine or planned maintenance work will be performed at times of least possible use and if such work is to be of considerable duration, registered users will be given sufficient notice via email. In addition, however, it may be necessary to perform maintenance work without notice, for instance in cases of unforeseeable disruption (e.g. attacks, viruses).


While accessing PASLO, you agree to comply with the Terms and shall NOT:

  1. duplicate, distribute or modify any content of the website without our prior approval.
  2. transfer software viruses, or other harmful technologies that may harm PASLO or the property of PASLO users.
  3. disrupt or overload servers or networks connected to the website.
  4. use of spam, snowball system and similar which may harm PASLO and PASLO users.
  5. collect information about users (such as names or e-mail addresses) from the website without their consent.
  6. provide false, inaccurate and misleading content in the website.
  7. use any communications systems provided by the website to send unsolicited or unauthorized commercial communications.
  8. use the website to invade the privacy rights of any website user or third party.
  9. use the website for any unlawful, harmful, irresponsible, or inappropriate purpose.


In order to use our website features and services (sell, purchase, open an online shop, comment, review, community) users must register an account with a password protected account with PASLO. PASLO may refuse any username that is inappropriate. You must provide accurate and complete information of yourself during the account registration. You are solely responsible for the activity that occur using your account. You are responsible to keep your account and password confidential.

As a Buyer it is necessary to register an account with PASLO in order for you to shop with us. You need to maintain your personal details and shipping details (Full Name, Address, Phone Number) for shipping purposes.

As a Seller, you are required to register an account with PASLO in order for you to use our services (e.g. open a shop page, manage order and sales, comment, community, etc). As a Seller, if you want to purchase any products from PASLO website, you do not need to create another account as you may use your account as a Seller to proceed with the purchasing any products from the website.

You must notify PASLO immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. You may deactivate your account at any time by contacting us at  


In PASLO, users should respect each other and be fair to one another as well as to PASLO. Users are not allowed to use contact details that you obtained from PASLO for advertising purposes without obtaining a permission from the respective members. Users are not allowed to submit ratings on themselves. Comments, review of the product, testimonial and messages must be submitted based on facts.


PASLO does not own the content that you post or provide to the website. You are solely responsible for your content that you upload and all products that you offer for sale through PASLO website. However, when you post or provide the content to our website, you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free and sub-licensable to use, display, edit, change and distribute to promote PASLO, your PASLO page shop, in any format and through any channels. Any information or content that you publish may be viewed and distributed within the website. You also grant us the rights to exercise the copyright, trademark, publicity and database rights in any media known now or in the future. Additionally, you also grant PASLO the right to use your content for the purpose of marketing, merchandising and advertising in media including in the PASLO website and partner website.

By using PASLO services, you agree that you will not post or provide content that is inappropriate, abusive, threatening, false or misleading content to PASLO website. PASLO reserve the right to pre-screen your content to review and remove your content, to suspend or cancel your account, at any time if we found you breaches your agreement with us and/or any applicable laws, or otherwise. You may also report to us for any inappropriate or potentially inappropriate content you see on the website by sending an email to <>. But PASLO is not obligated to monitor the information or content transmitted, posted, submitted or stored by the member for possibly illegal content.


All intellectual property rights in this website and the PASLO services including the software and the system underlying the PASLO services, text, graphics, logo, sound recording and images are owned by or licensed to us. You may not in any form or by any means:

  1. use, adapt, duplicate, reproduce, store, distribute, print, publish or derivative works from any part of this website or;
  2. commercialize any information, product or services obtained from any part of this website

If you publish, post or share our activities, products, services, to other third party services, you must include a statement attributing that trademark to us. You are not allow to use any of our trademark as the whole or part of your trademark, in connection with activities which is not ours; in a manner which may be confusing, misleading disparages us or our information.


The member grants us all rights in the content posted and submitted to the PASLO website. You grants us to reproduce, distribute, make available to the public all content uploaded by the member. The member also grants us the right to use the content in the advertising for the online platform or individual offers, advertising on the internet, in print advertising or TV and radio advertising. PASLO shall not be liable to pay any additional remuneration or royalties in such cases.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the services (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the services.


We cannot guarantee that content or data transmitted or posted over the website is totally secure. We strive to protect such information, however we do not warrant and cannot ensure the security of any information that user transmit to us. Accordingly, any information or content you submitted or posted over the website is transmitted at your own risk.


Purchased Products: You understand that PASLO does not manufacture, store or inspect any of the items sold through our website. We provide the platform but the products are made and sold directly by the independent seller, as such, PASLO cannot guarantee the quality, safety, originality and legality of the purchased products. PASLO will not be responsible on the defective, misrepresentation of the products sold by the seller. Any legal or warranty claim related to the purchased products must be raised against the seller of the products. You release us from all liability relating to the product that you have purchased.

Website Content: We are not responsible for any content posted by users that you find offensive or inappropriate while accessing PASLO website. We make no representation on any content posted by the user through our website. Your reliance or use any such content is entirely at your own risk. We do not warrant that any members’ upload to this website will be protected against loss, or misuse or alteration by the third parties. PASLO is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, copyright compliance, or decency of content posted by users. You release us from all liability relating to the content.

Loss and Damage: We are not responsible for any loss or damage, however brought caused, that you may directly or indirectly regarding your use of this website or any linked website.

Network Connection: PASLO does not warrant that the website will operate error-free; free from viruses; free from outages, fault or delays; or safe from security breaches. PASLO is not responsible for any consequences to you that may result from the technical problems including without limitation in connection with the internet (such as slow connections or overload of the server) or any telecommunications or internet providers. Such issues or error may be caused by factors, including technical difficulties with the performance or operation of our or another person’s software, equipment or systems, traffic or technical difficulties with the Internet or infrastructures failures. As such, you release us from all liability relating to the network connection.

People You Communicate With: You may communicate with other individuals, either online or in person. However, you understand that we do not screen users, and you release us from all liability relating to your interactions with other users.

Payment Processor: We are not responsible for any activities or conduct of a Payment Processor and you agree to release us from any and all liability arising from the conduct of a Payment Processor.


You hereby agree to defend, indemnify and release us (Directors, Employees, Subsidiaries) from and against any claims, debts, damages, accounts, costs, expenses, obligations, losses, liabilities, cost and expenses including attorney fees, arising from or in any way related to:

  1. your content or your use of our website services, including without limitation, your sale of any products or;
  2. made by any third party due to a rights of infringement or
  3. you breach of these Terms or;
  4. your violation of any law or the rights of any third party, including without limitation, any intellectual property rights or privacy rights

You agree not to settle any matter subject to an indemnification by you without first obtaining our approval.


Every member is obligated to use PASLO website for lawful purposes only and according to PASLO Terms and Condition. Members are responsible for their offers (e.g. products, shop, shop page) and content (e.g. rating, review, community).

Members must comply with legal requirements at all time when using our website. In particular, members may not violate:

  1. criminal law
  2. data protection law
  3. third party copyrights, sign rights, patent rights, trademark rights
  4. moral rights or other third party rights



As a Seller, you agree to only sell or offer product which are suited PASLO. You agree to only sell or offer products from the below range:

  1. handmade/homemade goods; can be any art, craft, painting, sewing, knitting, clothing, organic product,etc
  2. handmade/homemade foods; can be any foods such as baby foods, organic foods product,etc
  3. supplies product for handmade/homemade goods
  4. vintage goods; goods must still in a good condition and more than 15 years
  5. other than above range of product but listed in the categories in PASLO website

As a Seller, for every product listed as a Handmade or Homemade category must be designed by you. In cases where the Seller is the third party or the reseller of the products, Seller must name the original designer or producer of the products.

As a Seller you must be able to supply goods in a good condition. If the goods received by the customer is damaged or broken, you agree to replace the damaged or broken products with new products unless your return policy mentioned otherwise. You also agree to supply the products within the timeframe stated in the order.

You agree to provide accurate and complete information of the product such as product details, price, payment, delivery time and shipment cost.


You are responsible for all products you offered (e.g. products, sale) in PASLO. The following types of items are prohibited or restricted to be sell or offer in PASLO:

    1. Dangerous Items : Weapon, Harmful Materials
    2. Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
    3. Stolen goods
    4. Violent items
    5. Fake or imitation of branded goods
    6. Items produced through child labor


  1. Products which infringe trademark rights or other proprietary rights


We provide 3 options to Seller for the Product Selling;

Option 1
Own store on PASLO
Option 2
Product Reselling BUT
We DO NOT store your products
Option 3
Product Reselling AND
We DO store your products
ONLINE SHOP ON PASLO You will have your own online store on PASLO and you will manage your store. You will NOT have your own online store on PASLO as all your products will be listed under “PASLO Partners Store”. You will NOT have your own online store on PASLO as all your products will be listed under “PASLO Partners Store”.
MANAGE PRODUCT ON PASLO You are responsible to upload your product into your PASLO online store. We will edit and upload your product under “PASLO Partners Store”. We will edit and upload your product under “PASLO Partners Store”.
MANAGE INVENTORY STOCK You store your products physically and you are responsible to update your product availability on PASLO. You store your products physically and you need to update us if your product(s) is not available or out of stock as by default, all of your products listings under “PASLO Partners Store” will be set as “Ready Stock” or “Required n days” (as per instructed by Seller). Your product will be stored at our physical store for 1 month and you will only get paid once your product is sold. Your product will be treated as a consignment. After 1 month, if your product is still not being sold, we will return back the product to the seller with no cost applied.
MANAGE ORDER You will receive an email notification once order is confirmed by customer. We will contact you once order is placed and confirmed by customer. width=”25%”We will contact you once order is placed and confirmed by customer.
MANAGE SHIPPING You are responsible to ship the product and maintain the tracking number on PASLO website. You will be responsible to ship the product(s) and update us on the tracking number for us to maintain on PASLO website accordingly.. We will pack and ship the product to the customer. We will maintain the tracking number on the website.
COMMISSION FEE 5% of total product price (excludes shipping fee) 10% of total product price (excludes shipping fee) 20% of total product price (excludes shipping fee)

Transaction Fee: Joining PASLO as a member is free of charge and we do not charge listing fees or membership fees. We do however charge a certain amount of percentage of transaction fee (according to which option) for every product purchased from the customer. This transaction fees does not apply to the shipping charges and taxes. Transaction fee is charged for every item purchased by the customers. These transaction fee will appear on your PASLO monthly billing receipt. Any changes in our fees are effective after we provide you with at least fourteen (14) days’ notice by posting the changes on the PASLO website. We may choose to temporarily change the fees for our services for promotional events or new services, and such changes are effective when we post the temporary promotional event or new service on the site.

Payment Processing Fee: All payment will be performed by the third party (Payment Processor). As a Seller you agree to use our Payment Processor and agree to their Terms. PASLO charges a payment processing fee for processing each of the transaction via Payment Processor. The payment processing fee will be deducted from the transaction amount.

Taxes: You are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through PASLO. We are not responsible for any taxes charges to your Shop or Company.

Transaction Currency: Unless otherwise stated, all fees are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). You are responsible for paying all fees associated with our website and services in a timely manner. We reserve the right, in certain circumstances including but not limited to fraudulent activities, to recover or apply additional fees to your seller account.

Order Confirmation: For every order placed from the customer, we will send you (Option 1 and Option 2) an email to your registered email address as a notification. You are responsible to check your email on daily basis to ensure there is no order is missing.

Shipping: If you choose Option 1 and Option 2, Seller is solely responsible on the delivery of the items purchased by the customer. You understand that you are responsible to deliver the products to customer as per order without passing through us. You are also responsible for any damages, broken or loss of the products. You agree to replace with new products for any damaged, broken and loss items with no cost to the customer.

Shipping fee: For Option 2, all shipping fee will follow the standard charges (based on weight) by Poslaju.


At the beginning of each month, before 3rd of the month, we will pay you the outstanding balances amount from your account from the previous month. Payment will be done via local bank transfer to your registered bank account. PASLO will send the payment receipt with the details of the payment accordingly. You are responsible to check on the paid amount. You may contact us at within 7 days of payment receipt for any discrepancies found from the payment receipt.


We use Billplz and Paypal as our Payment Gateway. All purchases via PASLO website is executed through Billplz and Paypal (‘Payment Processor’). By using our website, you agree:

  1. Payment Processor to process your customer order transaction on our behalf.
  2. to review and accept Billplz terms of use.
  3. to review and accept Paypal terms of use.
  1. Billplz: Billplz provides local bank online transfer services for the selected bank. Billplz charged MYR1.50 for each of the transaction performed by the customer. These transaction fee is charged to the Seller. As a Seller you agree to bare these transaction fee cost for each of the order transaction made by the customer using Billplz.

Billplz provides the following mode of payment:

  1. FPX Online Payment Gateway (i.e. Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, UOB Bank, AMBank, Bank Islam)
  1. Paypal: Paypal provides Paypal and Credit Card services. Paypal charged 3.9% of the total bill + MYR 2.00 for each of the transaction performed by the customer. These transaction fee is charged to the Seller. Paypal accept all major card payments.  As a Seller you agree to bare these transaction fee for each of the order transaction made by the customer using Paypal.

Paypal provide the following method of payment:

  1. Paypal
  2. Master Card
  3. VISA

All amount stated on the website are in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit) and all transaction is performed in MYR.

We are not responsible for any activities or conduct of a Payment Processor and you agree to release us from any and all liability arising from the conduct of a Payment Processor.


You authorize PASLO to collect and hold your product price and shipping charges until we release the payment by early of each month.

You authorize PASLO to deduct your product price from the sales for the transaction fees before distributing your margin where relevant to you.

We will direct bank deposit before 3rd day of the month for sales made for the previous month. We will pay your cleared earnings after fourteen (14) days grace period (based on the shipping date, not the order date), for us to account any cancelled or returns orders.

Despite direct bank deposit performed by us at the beginning of each month, you may request to withdraw your outstanding balances once a week with charges of RM5.00 per withdrawal request. PASLO will pay you the withdrawal amount within three (3) working days after your request.

You are responsible to ensure your bank details is current and updated. PASLO will not be responsible for any loss if you provide us with incorrect bank details.